Friday, June 9, 2017

YOUR Social Media Video Marketing?

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Salma Jafri breaks down how to promote yourself on social media. Social media platforms, -- Facebook in particular -- love video content, and they're often built to help you make the most of your videos..

So, why are you using the same old tweets or Facebook posts to build your audience?

Instead, you should create a short video you can play on multiple platforms that previews your content. Look at Hollywood studios -- they don't just put an ad in a newspaper before a new blockbuster comes out. Instead, they plaster their trailers and promos all over social media to drive up enthusiasm and establish an audience.

And, if Hollywood still feels the need to do this, it only makes sense that you should, too.

Guest Authored By Salma Jafri. Salma is the host of Content Marketing Tips - a weekly vlog + blog on how women entrepreneurs can market authentically to their audience by using their natural strengths. Grab her free cheat sheet: 25 Free and Feel-Good Ways To Authentically Promote Your Content. Follow Salma on Twitter.

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