Tuesday, October 24, 2017

YOUR Social Media Platforms Strategy?

A list of popular social media platforms, and how brands and retailers can implement strategies, better reach, and engage with different audiences..


2 Billion monthly users

75% of users spend 20 minutes on the site every day

500 million people watch facebook videos every day

Facebook Live popularity has risen 330% since launch

Users watch Facebook Live videos 3X longer than non-live videos

Strategy: Drive awareness and engagement with videos and live streams


328 Million active monthly users

Daily active users have increased 14% each year

The average user follows 5 businesses

80% of users have mentioned a brand in a Tweet

Companies active on Twitter see a 19% increase in customer satisfaction

Strategy: Prioritize customer service and engagement


800 Million monthly users

Monthly users grew 24% in 2017

Half of users use Instagram

Daily Posts tagged with a location have 79% higher engagement

Strategy: Post highly visual, geo-targeted content to boot engagement


200 Million monthly users

50 million more users that October 2016

67% of users visit Pinterest on mobile while shopping in-store

1/3 of users choose Pinterest over Google search

Strategy: Link Pinterest to your website to increase traffic and sales


375 Million active monthly users

Growth slowed 82% after Instagram Stories launched

3 Billion snaps are created each day

63% use Snapchat as their primary medium for messaging friends

Users younger that 25 visit more than 20X a day for at least 30 minutes

Strategy: Leverage geo-filters to create interactive content

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