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Surefire Explosive Social Media Engagement?

Social media is getting a bit cluttered. The party started in 2004 and everyone from your second-grade teacher to your grandmother has arrived..

With so many people at this digital disco, it’s starting to get louder and busier. So how do you stick out from the crowd?

After years of developing and analyzing social media posts, I devised six sure-fire ways to become the life of the party.

These tactics will help you increase engagement on your social media posts, resulting in more reactions, comments, tagging and shares.

An Image Is Worth 1,000 Engagements

If you’re looking for increased engagement, your goal is to create scroll-stopping, finger-clicking, have-you-seen-this type of posts. It all starts with the image. When I see an image that captures my attention, I stop and I scroll back up to read the messaging attached to that image. If it’s good enough, I either "like" it, comment on it or share it. Notice how the image is the bait that drew me back in. Therefore, when posting on social media, it is important to do these five things:

Get the sizing right. Think of a small thumbnail as a hook without bait. You’re not going to catch a lot of fish. Before posting, figure out the correct size for each channel and resize that photo accordingly. If you're not sure what size it should be, Google it.

Think about the subject. I've found that images with female subjects do better than those with men. Sorry guys, but it’s true. Men look at women and women look at women. From my personal experience running ad campaigns, females tend to convert better.

Go for puppies, cats and babies. Need I say more?

Avoid stock images. The lady in a business suit giving you a thumbs up won’t get you any digital attention.

Cut back on text. Facebook will actually decrease the reach of your post if you have too much text on it. Limit the text to a headline and maybe a subheadline.

Tap Into What’s Trending

While it can be tricky to obtain viral status, why don’t you ride the coattails of those who do? Our agency loves to keep track of hashtags and non-traditional holidays online and tie them into our clients' brands.

When developing your content calendar, look up non-traditional holidays and add them to your daily schedule. For example, May 4 is deemed “May the Force" or "Star Wars Day.” On this day, one of our clients who is the maestro of a symphony held up a lightsaber instead of a baton in a photo. These types of posts rely on a lot of creativity, but the results are worth it.

Encourage Engagement

Posts that encourage your end user to vote, tag, comment or share are definitely a surefire way to increase engagement. Rather than showcasing pictures of your product, try posting a poll. Place all four photos within a post and encourage your followers to vote for their favorite product by clicking on a certain reaction. Add a happy face for product No. 1, a laughing face for product No. 2 and so on.

Another common trend on Facebook and Instagram, in particular, encourages users to “tag a friend” who would relate to that post or do something similar. This is a great way to get the person tagged and their social network to see your post.

Regram Or Tag The Author

Are your followers uploading photos wearing or using your products? That is gold. Now let’s turn that gold into engagement. When posting, make sure to highlight the people who did submit an image and include their handle. And thank them for sharing. Always give credit where credit is due.

In addition to regramming, when posting an article from a third party, I go a bit further than simply citing my sources. I look for the author of that article, research their username or handle and tag them in my post. If I post on Twitter, nine times out of ten they will retweet it. By getting in front of more people through regramming and tagging, you are more likely to increase engagement.

Put Money Into Advertising

Due to the sheer amount of people on social media, your newsfeed is a pretty competitive place. In fact, according to SocialMediaToday, roughly five percent of people will see what you post on your page organically. As a result, I recommend that you put a few ad dollars behind your posts.

Fortunately, Facebook and Instagram advertising allows you to get in front of the exact person you're targeting. Their advertising platform lets you pick location, gender, interests, job titles, life events and more. Not only will your followers see your posts but additional markets will as well.

Be Authentic

Stick to your mom’s guidance and “be yourself” on social media. An authentic photo of your team celebrating a co-worker's birthday will always trump a stock photo in terms of engagement.

Make sure to include human-like posts on your newsfeed. Whether it’s showcasing behind the scenes of what you do, volunteering or posting some throwbacks, people are more likely going to engage with these types of posts than any other.

Guest Authored By Lyndsi Stafford. Lyndsi is the Founder and CEO of eLuminate Marketing, providing Fortune 500 digital marketing, without the Fortune 500 price. Follow Lyndsi on Twitter.

These tactics will help you increase engagement on your social media posts, resulting in more reactions, comments, tagging and shares.." -LyndsiStafford

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