Sunday, January 14, 2018

Marketing Strategies To Transcend YOUR Industry?

The evolution of social media from an entertainment tool to a powerful marketing weapon has rapidly transformed the relationship between industries and their unique consumers over the last few years..

With these startling rates of growth, it is more important than ever for brands to understand which social media platforms are most optimal to use within their particular industry.

However, while agencies and marketers hone in on industry-specific social media marketing trends, they should not overlook the overarching strategies that transcend industry.

These should define the foundation of any social media marketing plan: the importance of visibility, virality, authenticity and potent storytelling.

According to entrepreneur, social media personality and renowned music critic, DJ Akademiks who co-stars in Complex's Everyday Struggle, a show that squares off on the biggest current events within hip-hop and pop culture, social media has become just as important for artists within the music industry as it has for brands at large.

As an expert in the social media terrain (having nearly 700 million views on YouTube alone), DJ Akademiks spoke to me on how the music industry, in particular, has capitalized on the power of social media marketing.

He shared some of his own wisdom on the strategies artists (along with any brand, agency or marketer) should be using to catapult to success.

Social Media Marketing And Virality: Which Platforms To Utilize

For artists and marketers alike, it is important to understand the power social media now has in exposing one’s brand to potential consumers, and thus growing one’s name within their industry. Social media virality has catalyzed the evolution of digital marketing, and, in particular, influencer marketing.

In our technological era, social media can now drastically expedite the process of going from a startup to a household name. A video that goes viral within hours can transform its creator into a celebrity overnight and suddenly provide them with a sizable platform that, in the past, would have taken months, if not years, to establish.

"For any rapper starting out, I’d say start with social media,” Akademiks said. “Especially if you’re a rapper whose music appeals to the social media generation, you’ll get popular and sell 50-60 thousand records week one without the mainstream audience even knowing about you.”

Along with virality, understanding which social media platform can most effectively benefit one’s growth within a specific industry can make or break you.

Akademiks spoke on how important it is for artists and their marketing teams to discern which platforms are the most fruitful within their industry. His advice for musicians in particular: Leave Twitter alone, and focus on Instagram.

“Instagram is the best place for feedback. If you’re a rapper, you’ve got to get some music up on Instagram. Through all the BS comments, you’re bound to find some good stuff. Not only that, though, but you can do so much more in terms of promotion as an artist."

Guest Authored By Jason Goldberg. Jason is President and Founder of Vyrl, a company that creates innovative technology for influencers. Follow Jason on Twitter.

"The evolution of social media from an entertainment tool to a powerful marketing weapon has rapidly transformed the relationship between industries and their unique consumers over the last few years.."

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