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Successful Social Media For YOUR Small Business?

How to successfully use social media for business..

The core of any business revolves around the right marketing strategy to gain leverage over competitors.

And knowing how much time, effort and money are spent making a sustainable business, choosing to use social media as one of the vehicles in expanding any company's reach is no longer ignored these days.

Social media, however, is more than just being connected to the internet and having a spot in the virtual world.

A business would not have a successful online presence without putting all these factors into consideration: audience targeting, writing, designing, budgeting, time, resources, and analyzing all data.

Here are 3 simple steps for successful social media advertising:


It is a known fact that no one can prosper in anything that he has started without having enough knowledge of what he wants to offer to the consumer and being able to identify how to get to them. Additionally, as social media advertiser, before you can actually ask them to purchase anything from your business, you need to establish a connection that could stir their minds so they would consider to purchase from you.

A very important reminder when using social media is to help increase audience awareness of your brand by focusing on organic social media posting and strengthening your top performing content. The reaction of your virtual audience serves as your guide on how to tickle their minds about what you offer.

One of the biggest opportunities for many brands with restricted time and resources is to boost top performing posts from their Facebook page. It is not only the inexpensive form of social media advertising, but also provides the business with a way to reach a new customer segment that has not been tapped by traditional ads.

Making organic social media content is a powerful catalyst that helps increase word-of-mouth marketing. It is unlikely for people to share an advertisement that feels like an advertisement within their social circle.


This is the stage where your brand needs to have that "umph" which can be easily distinguished from other competitors. This is the stage where consumers are either familiar with your product or recognize that they have a pain point and are researching options.

Using Facebook ads, targeting the correct audience can lead to higher conversions and lower costs. You can target users based on age, location, mobile device, interests, income, job title and tons more. But the greatest success is targeting users who like pages similar to yours.

Remember, successful content at this stage depends so much on the value and perceived value that you're providing. There are important things that you should consider:

1. You want to let people know what makes your brand different from other similar brands.
2. You want to make a compelling advertisement that can encourage them to click.


This stage, also known as the conversion stage, means that people have already become familiar with what you offer and are ready to purchase from you or that they have identified a solution to their problem and are ready to purchase a product. This is the stage where you can say that you have converted a non-believer into a believer.

The success of this stage is due to the following critical components:

1. The quality of the targeting audience that you chose.
2. The quality of ads created.
3. The ability to track results from the ads created.

Guest Authored By Armando Bartolome. Armando is an ABS CBN Columnist, Business Mentor and Professional Speaker. Follow Armondo on Twitter.

"15 mistakes startups make on social media that yours can easily sidestep..

Too many platforms being used? Lack of visuals? Misuse of hashtags? No social media manager? The list goes on.." -AJAgrawal

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