Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Ultimate Social Media Tool For Lawyers?

5 reasons why Facebook is my desert island social media tool for Lawyers..

If you were stranded on a desert island and could choose only one digital tool to market your law practice, what would it be?

As I revealed during my keynote speech on digital technology and modern law practice at last week’s Monroe County Bar Association’s Bar Association Annual Solo and Small Conference, my choice of a desert island social media tool is hands-down, Facebook. Here’s why:

Everyone’s On Facebook

When it comes to reach, Facebook can’t be beat. Back in June 2017, Facebook surpassed 2 billion users and continues to grow. Moreover, though Facebook, like most social media tools, skews young, it’s the most popular platform amongst baby boomers who are 54 and older. In short, it’s likely that at least some of your potential target clients are on Facebook.

Users on Facebook Are Engaged

Facebook users are also surprisingly engaged. They participate in conversations, click on news stories, and watch videos. On Google, users are myopically focused on search and are less likely to peek at an ad or website that’s not on topic. By contrast, on Facebook, users are hanging out, seeking conversation or interesting diversions, and therefore, are more likely to take a look at ads or online articles -- including those posted or written by lawyers.  Moreover, whereas few blogs offer space for comments these days, Facebook makes it easy for readers to like or comment on posts, thus launching a conversation that could at some point lead to a client.

Facebook Is Mobile

Facebook’s mobile platform makes it easy for users to check in several times a day -- and for lawyers to post articles or information of interest. As many of my readers know, blogging is my jam, but let’s face it -- it simply isn’t feasible to tap out a 1000-word post on a smartphone keyboard while waiting on line at the grocery store.

Facebook Is SO Versatile

More than any other social media platform, Facebook offers the most tools to connect with audiences in different ways. Want to educate clients about the Top 5 Issues That You Must Understand When Drafting a Will or Getting Divorced? You can give a talk or hold a Q&A session on Facebook Live. If you need a static presence for your firm online, you can create an attractive Facebook Page within minutes, and over time, populate it with news stories, articles you’ve written, photos from your firm’s most recent fundraising event, and client reviews.

You can even communicate with clients over the Facebook app, which is surprisingly secure because of end to end encryption for messaging. (That said, your mileage may vary -- for example, I wouldn’t transmit social security numbers over any messaging system. Govern yourself accordingly.)  Facebook works for networking with colleagues and prospects too.  You can create a Facebook Group comprised of other solos in your local community, or join a Facebook Group comprised of your target clients -- such as a group for women-owned businesses or inventors.

Facebook Isn’t All About the Law

Time and again, studies show that many clients hire lawyers who they like. Similarly, referral sources -- be they lawyers, other professionals, or past clients -- are inclined to send work to those lawyers who they know and feel comfortable with. Facebook is a great way to get to know people outside the office -- whether it’s bonding over mutual hobbies, sharing travel tips, or cooing over cute baby photos. Plus, keeping up to date with colleagues on social media serves as a great icebreaker at networking functions and conferences.

Guest Authored By Carolyn Elefant. Carolyn has been blogging about solo and small firm practice at since 2002 and operated her firm, the Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant PLLC, even longer than that. She's also authored a bunch of books on topics like starting a law practice, social media, and 21st century lawyer representation agreements. Follow Carolyn on Twitter.

"Of course, if I were trapped on a desert island for real, I wouldn’t need a digital marketing tool because I wouldn’t be practicing law.

Nor do lawyers need to limit themselves to one online tool. At the same time, with platforms cropping up all the time, trying to maintain a presence everywhere is an exercise in futility.

At the very least, thinking about your desert island social media tool can help to figure out where to focus your efforts online in marketing too and connecting with potential clients.." -CarolynElefant

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