Monday, May 28, 2018

Maximum Engagement Social Media Strategy?

3 social media strategies for maximum engagement..

I get more questions about social media than virtually any other topic.

So today I want to share three social media strategies you must use.

Make Your Posts #StopWorthy

Think about your behavior when scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feeds. Are you stopping and looking at every post, or simply scanning until something catches your eye?

Yeah, same here. We don’t have time to read every post.

We’re looking for something out of the ordinary. Something that punches us in the face, something interesting, provocative, entertaining, something that creates emotion or begs us to engage with it, something stop-worthy!

Hot Tip

Post after post of house pictures is not stopworthy.

So, let’s look at what types of posts are stopworthy:

--Things that promote engagement. For example, you could post a photo of a home and conduct a poll asking, “Guess what this home sold for?"
--Posts that play to people’s fears, worries and doubts. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and do some brainstorming. What’s on their minds? What scares them about buying or selling a house? What are their worries? What do they doubt? Break down those fears and provide answers.

Always Remember

We solve problems for a profit. The more you can view your business from the perspective of the customer and speak to their fears, the more you’re going to win.

Going “Live”

I’ve said it many times, but I’ll say it again: Facebook doesn’t care whether or not you like the way you look on video.

If you want to use Facebook as the valuable business tool it can be, you need to “Go Live” regularly.

Get Over Your Fears, Be True to Yourself and Just Do It!

Facebook’s algorithm ranks live content higher than any other format. Also, people receive notifications when you “go live.” This all means you’ll get more reach by going live, and you’ll also receive more engagement if your content is valuable.

That doesn’t mean you should go live all day every day. Be strategic and provide content meaningful to your audience to promote engagement!

If you feel like you don’t have enough followers to make going live worthwhile, reach out ahead of time and inform people you’ll be going live. Continue that process and build your audience, reach and engagement.

It may take time, but it’s essential in today’s video-first environment.

Schedule It!

Making the most of social media starts by creating a schedule to follow instead of simply posting whenever you get around to it. Two great free scheduling tools to look into are Hootsuite and Buffer.

Download this poster for my recommendation for The Ideal Weekly Social Media Schedule.

Keep in mind these optimal posting times for various platforms:

--Facebook: During work hours.
--LinkedIn and Instagram: Before work and after work.
--Twitter: Noon and after work.

Bonus Tip

It’s all about engagement! So engage!

Engagement is paramount in today’s social media world. Getting others to comment and reply to your posts will do wonders for your ranking. But it doesn’t end there!

The cardinal sin of social media is failing to reply to comments on your posts! Find the time, reply to every comment you get and elicit longer comments and a real dialogue.

Guest Authored By Tom Ferry. Tom is the CEO of Tom Ferry International, a Real Estate Coaching and Training Company whose mission is to hold professionals accountable to fulfill their greatness. Tom is named the #1 Real Estate Educator by Swanepoel Power 200 and is the bestselling Author of Life! By Design, and Mindset, Model and Marketing books. In his nearly 30 years of service to the industry, Tom has influenced well over half a million real estate professionals to increase their inner and outer wealth. Follow Tom on Twitter.

"It’s all about engagement!

So engage!"

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