Sunday, May 6, 2018

Social Media Automotive Influencers?

Celebrity shine brightens brands on social media..

Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner and Floyd Mayweather have millions of social media followers. And for the brands of exotic cars they drive, a little celebrity spillover on Instagram is a good thing.

High-priced rides always have gone hand in hand with the stars of movies, music, sports and reality TV.

But it is now the accepted custom for celebrities to post photos of themselves with their very uncommon rides. Or the paparazzi is always available to do it for them.

"When you have celebrities considering your brand, considering how many opportunities they could have, we're proud to be in the list," said Alessandro Farmeschi, COO of Automobili Lamborghini America. "It means our brand is working and is well-received."

In the age of the all-seeing Internet, fame and vehicle are intertwined more than ever.

The website CelebrityCarsBlog regularly updates when a celebrity posts a new photo of their vehicle or is spotted in a new set of wheels.

When Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant left the team's headquarters in April after being released, the web universe was immediately notified that Bryant drove away in his black Bentley Bentayga.

The sports-star gazing scene at MLB spring training has expanded into a pseudo auto show as fans and media focus on who's driving what in the players' parking lot.

The heightened awareness is playing out at Aston Martin, which has broadened its celebrity linkups.

"Historically, we've only really had one brand ambassador, and that's been James Bond," said Simon Sproule, chairman of the Americas at Aston Martin. "Conventional wisdom says that your brand ambassador is not a fictional character. But our relationship with Bond remains stronger than ever."

However, the British automaker has worked with tennis legend Serena Williams.

And last year, it hired one of the most recognizable athletes in all of sports: Tom Brady of the NFL's New England Patriots.

"He loves Aston," Sproule said of the star quarterback. "We found a very natural way to work together because he was keen on creating cars and getting more into our business.

We were looking for somebody who would take us into new places in the U.S., and when we announced the partnership, it was the highest number of visits to our website ever recorded."

Guest Authored By Jack Walsworth. Jack is an Automotive News Subaru Reporter and Web-Producer in Detroit. Follow Jack on Twitter.

"The automaker and Brady partnered for the Vanquish S Volante Tom Brady Signature Edition. Fittingly, the number built was just 12 -- Brady's jersey number.." -JackWalsworth

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