Monday, August 27, 2018

Increase YOUR Social Media Engagement?

3 Surefire steps to increase your social media engagement..

While having a lot of followers is great, you need them to engage with your content to find success.

For many businesses, improving their social media engagement is one goal that requires a lot of attention.

Indeed, a bulk of marketing budgets are committed towards campaigns online, seeing that consumers and even the B2B crowd use Facebook and LinkedIn wherever they go.

In this sense, it’s always important to establish a social media marketing strategy that secures higher engagement. After all, improving your sales numbers depends on the number of opportunities you open up. The more people you engage, the more likely you will be making a sale.

You don’t always have to struggle to come up with a campaign that gets a lot of views and nurtures a lot of impressions. Securing better engagement numbers is very much possible if you apply the right steps.

Focus On Building Followers And Likes

An indispensable way for you to increase your social media engagement is through getting more followers across your social media accounts. There are several ways to do this.

One surefire way is to include an effective call-to-action. Tell your audience to like your Facebook page or become a Twitter follower. Be sure to provide a good reason for people to take action.

You can also try other tactics. You might want to buy Instagram likes, which allows you to secure greater visibility for your campaign using the platform. From there, your social media engagement will eventually snowball into getting more sales opportunities for your product or service.

Create Effective Social Media Copy

Whether you want to share a blog post from your main site or just want to earn a like, it’s essential to make sure you write social media descriptions that are engaging and clever. You can:

--Write short, one-sentence descriptions with a lot of value. Your target audience is bound to click on an external link if it’s relevant to them.
--Avoid giving too much away. You would want to stir interest, so it’s always best to create social media copy that’s intriguing but, at the same time, relevant to the content you are sharing.
--Use numbers. If your social media campaign is aimed at business owners, providing stats and figures is a good way to get them to engage, especially if these numbers and their corresponding content are relevant to their industry.

Choose The Right Hashtags

Digital marketers have this impression that the more hashtags you use in a social media post, the more people will be able to see it. However, this isn’t always the case -- using too many hashtags can trigger spam filters and decreases your brand’s reputation in the process.

With that being said, hashtags should be used sparingly. Moreover, a lot of effort has to be involved to find the best performing hashtags for your social media campaign. You can use tools such as Buzzsumo and Twitter Advanced Search. Just key in a topic or keyword, and you will be able to get a good view of the top performing hashtags. You can then compete for hashtags that get a lot of engagement and allow you to spread your brand’s clout.

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"Utilize these strategies to increase social media engagement and improve awareness of your brand.

And, above all, Be a Customer-Service Leader! -PankajRahulSingh

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