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Maximize YOUR Social Media Conversions?

Eight tips to maximize social media conversions..

According to Statista, there were roughly 2.7 billion social media users all around the world in 2017 and in each succeeding year this figure is expected to rise for about 7%. That's why every social media marketer should consider their growing audience as an excellent opportunity for their marketing campaigns.

However, amidst the sea of opportunities, social media can be complicated and nothing is ever static. Things quickly come and go and interests can shift from one object to the next.

Why Is A Social Media Strategy Important?

Developing a social media strategy is like creating a roadmap that guides you in all your planning and activities in various social media platforms. It lets you stay on track with your original intentions.

According to a Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index survey, approximately 56% of business owners don't have a social media strategy. But marketers who set goals and milestones are 466% more likely to experience success.

Three essential traits define the most successful brands on social media:

--They know their audience well.
--They know how to thrive on competition.
--The reach prospects in various social media platforms.

Moving forward, we've come up with different strategies to grow in your niche and increase your conversion rate through social media marketing.

Schedule Your Social Interaction Right

One of the most significant benefits of social media is that you can have many followers from all over the world.

But with that, it's not always easy. Trying to interact with people is a challenge especially if you live in different time zones.

That's why you need to schedule your interactions with your social media followers during peak times of the day ‒ these are usually the hours that most of your audience is online.

So be consistent. Regularly interact with your audience whether through automated tools or in person. Over time, this can help build your brand loyalty and boost your conversions.

Create Attractive Yet Informative Content

Ideally, you need to create and develop a type of social media content that is useful to your audience, something that offers a solution and is considered valuable to them.

While trends and all sorts of gimmicks may generate a certain degree of buzz and curiosity for some time, it isn't sustainable.

The bottom line is that people will always want solutions.</p><p>They want to experience relief from their particular pain points; they want answers from a particularly complicated question that helps them achieve a goal or overcome a hurdle.

Your post doesn't have to be long and drawn out to be considered informative, either. Short and sweet is the key.

But some businesses tend to struggle with this because they struggle to find their expertise in a particular field. That's why it's crucial to become an expert and know what you are talking about. That way, it's easier for you to find legitimate solutions in your niche.

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Reshare Your Content

If you come up with a material that's worth sharing, then schedule it for future shares.

To ensure maximum efficiency, the type of content that you need to share should be compelling and unique to your audience. For example, if you come up with a product video that's worth sharing again in the future then why not consider taking on a different question, snippet, or quote from the same material?

Again, the type of content that you create all points to the same source. You're just reshaping the material that's already existing and turning it into something unique.

Whenever you're sharing a piece of content for the second or third time, try to tweak your message. Ask your readers a question or get a quote from the post. That way, you don't come off as if you're spamming.

Optimize Your Posts For Each Social Channel

You have to be aware that each social media platform handles various texts and images quite differently.

Therefore, you need to know the various strengths and weaknesses of a particular social media network, so that you can learn from it by adding variety into your content.

For instance, Facebook posts that have pictures generate 53% more likes than the average post. Meanwhile, posts that have images in LinkedIn get 98% more comments.

There's no denying it ‒ people respond well to visuals. So try to produce almost every single piece of sharable content with high-quality images.

Don't Forget Social Sharing

Social sharing is a vital aspect if you want to create a robust online community. It builds traffic on your site and helps you achieve your marketing performance goals.

Here are the additional benefits of social sharing:

--Builds your brand as an industry expert by providing users with useful content, resources, news, and ideas.
--Enhances your social visibility within the community, helping you get into the radar of prospects, users, and potential partners.
--Excellent, sharable content generates the best conversations.
--Makes it easier to find your target audience.
--Builds great customers relationships and loyalty.

Use Social Media To Build Trust

If you want to attract a large following and boost your conversions, you need to build trust for your brand. The highest conversion killers are a lack of trust and credibility.

The good news is, social media can be a powerful trust device, assuring potential customers that it's okay to buy from you. Prospects perceive a brand that has a high social media engagement as a measure of integrity and authority.

Maintaining an active social media presence will always be a crowd puller that shows your followers interested in your brand, attracting new and old buyers alike.

Allow Social Logins

More and more businesses let people sign up in their social accounts, making accounts more manageable and paving future visits to a site.

Because social media channels is a demonstration of new social interaction, you need to facilitate this kind of communication in many ways as possible.

Utilize Data Analytics

Maintaining an active social media presence isn't enough as it won't generate ROI for you. If you want to improve your conversions on social media, you have to know first what's working and what is falling short in your expectations. That's why you need to track your performance for social media content, shares and likes using data analytics.

Utilizing tools like Google Analytics helps you monitor real-time results on your social media campaign. It removes the unnecessary guesswork from data analysis and gives you results that are real and relevant.

When you regularly analyze and monitor data, you'll know which posts are working from the ones that don't. You can make necessary changes, helping you find the right kind of audience, the right message to send out and the right time of the day to post. As a result, you're creating better conversions.

Guest Authored By Suzy Viola. Suzy is a social media marketing specialist and a photographer. She loves sharing her knowledge and interest to everyone that led her to become a freelance writer. The topics that she writes about are social media strategies and eCommerce marketing that helps a business grow. Follow Suzy on Twitter.

"Maintaining an active and robust social media presence is a fantastic way to improve your conversions over time. Note, however, that getting the results you want does take time, so you need to be patient and develop a more systematic approach.

Aside from that, you need to continuously analyze your data and improve your social media efforts to stay on top of your game.." -SuzyViola

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